Tenant Placement:

  • Market Analysis of property
  • Prepare property for new tenant.
  • Advertise using the most efficient cost effective methods.
  • Thoroughly screen prospective tenants.
  • Discuss prospective tenant qualifications with you prior to renting.
  • Complete all documentation including unit move-in condition report.
  • Deposit funds to your account.

Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Maintenance and Repairs are arranged and completed in a timely manner at the lowest cost
    consistent with quality workmanship.
  • We contact you for approval of all repairs exceeding our agreed upon cost limits.
  • Pay all maintenance and repair bills without markup.


  • Deposit all funds to your separate bank account.
  • Pay bills when due upon your approval.
  • Remit profits to you according to your instructions.
  • Provide cash flow and check register statements at the end of the month and end of year.
  • All records are open for your inspection at any time.